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Proper mechanics is defined by a pitcher in which he can deliver a quality pitch, with a minimum amount of exertion and attain maximum results. If you can achieve this result you will be on your way to being a successful pitcher.

More important than the actual pitch is getting the body in a strong, consistent and balanced posture. Once you attain a sound delivery the rest is easy.

Personal Instruction


Spend a week with the Spin Doctor and reap the benefits of 16 years of Major League Experience. During your stay your training will be focused on creating a pitcher who's delivery is consistent, effortless and repeatable. Pitchers that have worked the Spin Doctor program have gone on to become Little League All-Stars, High School All Americans, Collage Scholarship Winners and Major League stand outs (Ismail Valdez, Huston Street, John Webb, Pete Walker).

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Ranging from $1500 on up, depending on the length of stay. Minimum 5 day stay.

  • Price includes the Right View Pro Software client.
  • 2 Hours of training daily (not always throwing).
  • Mechanics Training.
  • Advanced pitches.
  • Pick Off drills and moves.
  • Mental skill development.
  • Conditioning and reaction drills.
  • Arm maintenance and stretching/strengthening.
  • Pre game programs.
  • Weekly preparations.

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Cyber Lessons (Email Instruction)


It is now possible to perfect your delivery by long distance. Many of my lessons have been conducted via the internet. I use a state of the art video processing program that compares you to the best pitchers in the Major Leagues today. You will be able to view your delivery right alongside the likes of Greg Maddux, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens and many more. It is without a doubt, the best video evaluation program in the market today.

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Pricing: Cyber Lessons

$300 for 3 lessons, $80 for each additional lesson.

Sign up today and get Don Slaught's Right View Pro Software at no additional cost, a $250 dollar value! Right View Pro enables you to capture and review both hitting and pitching and offers real time comparisons to some of the biggest names in the major leaguers! Essentially you are getting 3 lessons for $50, a $190 savings off of your initial lessons!

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Team/Group Instruction

Get your team on the right track as Steve works with your team to sharpen them up for any level of competition. Steve has trained some of the best teams in his region.

  • The McDowell Mountain Yankees: 2005 National Champions
  • Scottsdale Firebirds: Arizona State and Regional Babe Ruth Champions
  • Palm Springs Storm: Steamboat Springs Nationals Qualifier

Team/Group Lessons - $150 per hour

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In just 3 years since the inception of his training center, Line Drives located in Scottsdale Arizona Line Drives Steve has had the opportunity to work with many pitchers of all ages.

"I've known Steve for a long time now, there is no one better at teaching advanced pitches."

- Pete Walker
Toronto Blue Jays

In total, Steve has trained over (200) little league all star pitchers, 4 all state high school players, 2 high school pitcher of the years, 25 of his pitchers have gone on to play in college (20 have received scholarships), 3 pitchers were selected in the 2005 amateur draft, many minor league players and 4 Major League Players. (Ismail Valdez, Huston Street, John Webb, Pete Walker)

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