Personal Instruction

Proper mechanics is defined by a pitcher in which he can deliver a quality pitch, with a minimum amount of exertion and attain maximum results. If you can achieve this result you will be on your way to being a successful pitcher. All of the college and Professional scouts look for different and subjective qualities in which they make their assessments. However, there is one common trait that they all look for: A consistent, effortless, repeatable delivery.

My initial and most important focus is to do just that. Mold and shape each pitcher on their mechanics so that they can effectively deliver a quality pitch. More important than the actual pitch is the hard work that it took to get the body in a strong, consistent and balanced posture in order to deliver that pitch. Once you attain your sound delivery then the rest is easy. Learning how to make the ball move in a variety of ways (i.e. breaking balls, change ups, cutters, etc..) is the easiest thing that I teach.

My goal is simple: One delivery, multitude of pitches.

There are four categories in which I work on.

  • Mechanics
  • Pitch assortment
  • Pitch selection
  • Swing recognition


At Spin Doctor we use a state of the art video processing program that compares you to the best pitchers in the Major Leagues today. You will be able to view your delivery right alongside the likes of Greg Maddux, Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens and many more. It is without a doubt, the best video evaluation program in the market today. With full action video, audio and visual graphics, you can pinpoint the trouble areas in your delivery and address them immediately. Learn more about RightView Pro.

Mechanics Training and Arm Strengthening

100% of all of my students that have mastered the 1-5 process have immediately increased their velocity and command of the strike zone.

It is paramount that before any advanced techniques are to be taught, the mechanics of the pitching delivery must be fundamentally sound.

I will first address in my lessons what I believe to be the essential requirements of a sound delivery. In the 3 years of owning my own training center and addressing many various delivery issues, I have been able to create a system that addresses almost every problem at one time. I have found out that we are able to understand and replicate the action with ease if it is broken down in a step by step methodology. The 1-5 process is so effective that if you master it, your mechanics will be 95% complete! It doesn't matter what age you are, all of my students are required to do them including my major league clientele. 100% of all of my students that have mastered the 1-5 process have immediately increased their velocity and command of the strike zone.

When the 1-5 process has been successfully implemented I will then move on to the easiest part, mastering an assortment of pitches.

Here is the breakdown of importance and affect in the pitching delivery:

  • Front side ---- Command
  • Back Side ---- Power
  • Finish ---- Late Life and Location

Strength Training

Strength training has become an integral part of increased player performance in all sports. Around the year 1985, teams and players have sought out the expertise of many exercise training specialists to help increase various areas performance. To date, every major league team has a strength trainer on staff or contracted to help improve performance in strength, power, quickness, agility, endurance, nutrition, flexibility and speed. The Spin Doctor currently uses a program developed for the Chinese Olympic team in which he saw 3-5 Mph increase in just a few short months.